April 22, 2024

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Custom Caravan Repairs and Maintenance Advise for More Comfortable Travel

8 easy caravan repairs & maintenance tips to travel better

Maintaining a healthy and road-ready custom caravan requires regular service, and knowing how to do minor repairs is always useful. You don’t have to be a whiz kid for caravan repairs to do some simple upkeep that will serve you well on the road and provide you with peace of mind while you explore Australia’s natural wonders.

Caring for your custom caravan is simple. Therefore, in order to assist you in travelling more comfortably and maintaining the pristine state of your home, here are eight suggestions. 

Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Caravan

It’s important to look after your custom caravan before, during, and after the trip if you want to have a good time.

Caravan and Tyre’s Pressure Should Be Checked.

Those tyres on your caravan are all that stand between you and the pavement. They may have deteriorated from weathering if they have been stored for a long period. The walls and tread of your tyres should be inspected for cracks or bulges in addition to the pressure.

In case of uncertainty, have a professional examine your tyres and replace them even if they still have plenty of tread life remaining. If you are going to be driving a considerable distance away from the next town, investing in high-quality tyres is a must. Also, bring along some extras, just in case.

Hinges Must Be Cleaned and Lubricated Both Internally and Externally.

Van fittings and hinges may seize or become stiff after long periods of storage or transportation. Most importantly for your sanity when travelling, a small amount of cleansing and a touch of lubricant carefully administered may help some of these bothersome minor annoyances go away. Additionally, you should inspect the seals around your windows and doors to make sure water isn’t leaking in.

Keep the Awning Clean.

If you keep your van’s awning folded up for most of its life, mould will eventually start to form on it. Lay it out, and using a gentle detergent, give it a thorough cleaning. As a bonus, you may check for any signs of damage while you’re at it.

If your it breaks down and will need caravan repairs, take it to a reputable repair shop for servicing. Once that’s taken care of, you may relax with a drink, some cheese, and some bickies under your sparkling new awning at your very first stop.

Inspect and Wash the Water Tanks.

If your custom caravan has been resting for a while, the water tanks will need to be flushed and cleaned out before being filled. Make sure the pump is working properly and is ready to run at the same time. It’s also smart to empty the tanks on the way home to make sure none of the water you’ve kept in them becomes contaminated by sitting in a stagnant pool.

Several high-quality options for disinfecting your tanks before you replenish them for your trip are available. While you’re there, pressurise your in-line system with tap water so that when you go to the trailer park, you can start using it without a hitch.

Properly Check All Wiring for Fraying and Damage.

Your ability to safely and effectively operate your rig is directly correlated to the quality of the electrical cabling that links your tow vehicle and your van. When you apply the brakes to your tow mule, it also applies the brakes to the van, making it so that the whole outfit pulls as one unit.

In addition to that, it is responsible for carrying the wiring for the van’s turn signals, stop lights, and parking lights. The majority of vans also come equipped with a link that may be broken, which triggers the application of the van’s brakes in the event that your vehicle and the tow mule get disconnected due to a malfunction in the towing equipment. After all, upon reaching their destination, who wouldn’t desire a glass of ice-cold beer or wine? It is important that each of these connections and wires is examined to look for signs of wear, corrosion, or fraying.

Charge Up Batteries and Check the Gas System.

Take the batteries out of your vehicle and keep them fully charged at home while you store them. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle overheating from being plugged in all the time. Make sure all of your batteries are completely charged and all of your electrical items are working properly before setting off on your caravan trip.

It’s a good idea to double-check the gas bottles to make sure they are full and the connections are secure. Inspect the water heater, gas refrigerator, and other gas appliances while you’re there to make sure they’re in good working order. Your local caravan service shop is the ideal place to go if anything seems amiss since they have the training and experience to do caravan repairs and inspect any and all electric and powered components.

Avoid Mould Build-Up by Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer.

Before putting your custom caravan into storage, clean the fridge and freezer well and leave a plate of bi-carbonate of soda in each to absorb any lingering odours. You may also reduce the likelihood of mould by leaving the doors ajar. This means that the refrigerator can simply be switched on and packed up in preparation for future travel with no effort. Bring some wine with you.

Handbrake Adjustment, Cables, Bearings, Suspensions and Other Brake Details Should Be Checked.

Check the area underneath your trailer for:

  • chassis or welds showing signs of cracking or fatigue
  • spring and spring-hanger mechanism functioning
  • performance and safety of any installed airbags or shock absorbers
  • maintenance of the safety and proper operation of the hand brake cable
  • greasing and adjusting the bearings in the wheels
  • torque of wheel lug nuts
  • contamination of water supply and distribution systems due to mud accumulation on the underside of floors or on the struts that support them
  • tightness of all major fasteners.

It is also a good idea to do a detailed examination of the working of the brakes on your van before going on your vacation. This involves hooking up the van and driving it slowly around the block before departing on your journey. This is especially important to do before driving on the highway.


That wraps up our list of essentials for maintaining the health of your custom caravan, perfect for those who want to travel light. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort to follow the aforementioned instructions and your caravan will be ready for its next journey.

We hope that this data will be useful to you and that it will allow you to kick back and enjoy your next thrilling vacation without worry. Best of luck on your trip, and happy caravanning!