Wheel hoe weeder developed by Kerala agri varsity gets patent

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Wheel Hoe Weeder (WHW) developed and created by the Division of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Vellayani beneath Kerala Agricultural College has been granted patent for 10 several years. It is a manually operated drive-sort equipment with a wheel and weeding blade for weeding.

The machinery can quickly be operated by gals for weeding in inter-row areas of row planted crops. The extensive cope with lets the operator to avoid bending about to pull out the weeds. An operator working with the machinery with a weeding blade of sweep size 20 cm connected to it can weed an space of .015 ha (3.7 cents ) in an hour in loamy soil.

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The machinery is operated by pushing motion by way of drive exerted by operator on the handlebar with grips, which enables the soil doing work part of the machinery i.e. weeding blade to penetrate into the soil, skim underneath the ground area and reduce or uproot the weeds in involving the crop rows. Soil mass to a depth of one.five cm is manipulated by the machinery all through procedure.

Wheel Hoe Weeder has been created as a part of doctoral/postgraduate analysis programme

Wheel Hoe Weeder has been created as a part of doctoral/postgraduate analysis programme of Seethal Rose Chacko, Dhanu Unnikrishnan, Krishnasree R K and Anitrosa Innazent beneath the advice of Sheeja K Raj, Jacob D and Shalini Pillai P, Division of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Vellayani.

Weeding blade is connected to the headpiece these kinds of that the weeding blade is slanted to an angle of fifteen diploma to the horizontal whilst the headpiece continues to be vertically connected to the chassis. This design and style is integrated so that the weeding blade can quickly penetrate soil with minimum resistance.

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