April 18, 2024

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US asks tech giants to take action against posts encouraging ‘violence’

The Donald Trump administration has asked Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook to eliminate posts and tweets that inspire breaking curfew, toppling statues or committing violent acts.

According to a report in The Washington Write-up on Friday, the Office of Homeland Safety (DHS) has despatched letters to tech firms, declaring they served facilitate “theft, arson, aggravated assault, rioting, looting and defacing general public house”.

“In gentle of the violence, looting, and vandalism that marred lots of of the protests throughout the state, and in gentle of the part social media may have performed in arranging this illegal perform, I am asking you to enable retain Individuals harmless by taking acceptable action,” explained DHS Performing Secretary Chad Wolf.

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Trump signed an executive order late Friday to protect ‘American monuments, memorials, and statues’.

Trump’s order arrived as many controversial statues throughout the state have been qualified amid weeks of protests and civil unrest throughout the state pursuing the dying of George Floyd.

“Long jail terms for these lawless acts towards our Great Region!” Trump tweeted.

Democrats have criticised the Trump administration’s reaction to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests.