June 6, 2023

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The traffic metaphors | Seth’s Blog

Your mileage may well range.

Dashing up to get to a crimson gentle quicker just wastes vitality.

Honking does not make site visitors go absent.

Doesn’t matter how extravagant your car is, it’s not value very a lot if they close the street.

A single of the worst methods to get to the place you’re heading is to constantly push in the swiftest transferring lane and avoid any toll roadways. The move of website traffic is not generally heading wherever you want to go.

Pursuing another auto will finally get you lost.

If you really do not cease to refuel, you’re going to get stranded.

Supplying someone a possibility, or the ideal of way, and permitting them into visitors does not seriously sluggish you down that significantly.

In our lifestyle, we give way also lots of means to cars and trucks and their efficiency and not more than enough to pedestrians and the chances that they should have.

The map is not the territory, but a map is a excellent detail to have.

Acceleration is overrated. Persistence, fantastic directions and a reliable motor vehicle nearly often defeat horsepower.