May 19, 2024

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The Importance of Car Park Deck Waterproofing

Indoor parking garages, whether it is underground or multi-storey, require solid flooring that is able to withstand a high volume of traffic. Steel reinforced concrete of the car park decks must be protected from water and chlorine infiltration which can damage the structure and shorten the life of the infrastructure. Whether for new or existing car park decks, you have to choose the best solution to ensure its waterproofing.

The Car Park Deck Waterproofing Properties

In order to make a well informed choice for the car park deck waterproofing, make sure that it has all the characteristics required for the viability of your project. First of all, it must have a high degree of abrasion resistance caused by vehicle traffic. Secondly, it must have anti-slip qualities for safe traffic, for both pedestrians and vehicles. And of course, the compatibility with concrete repair and protection techniques is mandatory. It is also the case of the high resistance to thermal shocks, to de-icing salt and to moisture.

In a nutshell, the chosen car park deck waterproofing system must provide with optimal protection. Moreover, it has to make the joints watertight, help strengthen the structure and reduce the risk of corrosion. Indoor, underground or multi-storey car park decks can be difficult to light and electricity costs can raise very quickly. Make sure that the waterproofing solution you choose has a finish that reflects light in order to make the shaded spaces lighter and increase then visibility and guarantee users’ safety.

Car Park Deck Waterproofing System

The car park deck covering, also called car park deck waterproofing, is an epoxy-based system designed to waterproof places with heavy traffic from vehicles and pedestrians. A quality parking waterproofing increases the performance and the adhesion of finishes. It also waterproofs the surface and is resistant to abrasion, acids, oil, chemicals and UV rays. The possible applications are:

  • Multi-storey car park;
  • Underground car park;
  • Commercial indoor car park;
  • Commercial outdoor sidewalks

In addition to offering you a high- quality product, your supplier of car park deck waterproofing, whether it is an underground or a multi-storey parking decks, must be able to meet deadlines and budget restrictions. On the other hand, we recommend to choose a professional who can install the product, inject epoxy and polyurethane into cracks caused by frost and thaw, among other things. Therefore, you will be totally sure to prevent water and oils from entering your car park decks.