June 15, 2024

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Signs It’s Time To Switch To VPS Web Hosting

9 Signs That It's Time to Switch to VPS Hosting - HostingJournalist.com

Having the right web hosting in India for your website is essential. This ensures a smooth running of websites. However, if your website’s requirements from a hosting solution change, you will need to switch hosting plans. 

Many individuals who are beginners in the web hosting world opt for shared hosting, however, there might come a time when your website outgrows shared hosting. This is when you can switch to VPS hosting. 

VPS hosting offers a virtual server with dedicated resources to build and run websites. There are many benefits of VPS hosting, like- root access, security, scalability, guaranteed hosting resources, and more.

But how will you know when it is time to switch to VPS hosting? Continue reading to learn more.

Sign That Indicate It’s Time to  Switch To VPS Web Hosting Solution

Below are some signs that indicate that it is time to switch to VPS hosting.

Increased Website Traffic

When your website grows and gains popularity, it increases website traffic. However, it is essential that your website resources handle the growth of your website. 

If you are using shared hosting, it probably would not be able to handle high website traffic as the hosting resources are shared with other users. This might be a sign to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting. VPS hosting provides higher hosting resources and better page loading speed.

Low Website’s Speed

The hosting type is one of the main factors that affect a website’s speed. If your website is slowing down, you should consider upgrading to a VPS hosting plan. A VPS server is designed to support any surge in website traffic and sales without compromising the website’s speed. 

Additionally, a VPS server offers customisation options that you can use to enhance the performance of the website. Therefore, switching to VPS hosting is beneficial for your business.

Enhanced Security Features

In shared hosting, multiple sites are being hosted on the same server. This increases the risk of security breaches as a higher number of websites increases opportunity for attackers. Additionally, any issues in the workings of other websites can impact your website negatively. 

Therefore, shared hosting provides limited security. If you own a business that is growing and handling critical and valuable client data, you should switch to VPS hosting. Benefits of VPS hosting include enhanced security features that will help provide security for your growing business. 

Frequent Website Downtime

Website downtime is not good for any business. It restricts visitors from accessing your website, which results in a loss of sales. Therefore, if your website is experiencing frequent downtime, it is probably a sign that you should switch to VPS hosting. 

VPS servers are more reliable and stable than shared servers, which results in reduced website downtime. Additionally, VPS servers perform and manage a website’s load better than shared servers. 

To Wrap It Up

Other signs that indicate it is time to switch to VPS hosting are- if your website requires complete access to your server if you own an eCommerce business, frequent server errors, inadequate SSL support, complex control panel, and low-quality customer service.

If you want to keep up with your website’s growth without compromising its performance, you should probably switch to the best VPS hosting plan.