September 24, 2023

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Rabi sowings in AP on slow pace

The rabi sowings in Andhra Pradesh are progressing gradual, owing to weighty rains in numerous components of the State.

In accordance to latest reports, the place sown so considerably is five.43 lakh hectares as against the normal as-on-date place of eight lakh ha.

While paddy is sown in .51 lakh ha (.94 ha), maize is sown in .22 lakh (.50 lakh ha).

Farmers have lined an place of .51 lakh ha less than paddy so considerably against the normal as-on-date place of .94 lakh ha. The State grows paddy in about 7.50 lakh ha.

Having said that, the other vital rabi crops of bengalgram and blackgram have fared improved. While the bengalgram is sown in two.seventy two lakh ha (3.26 lakh ha), blackgram is sown in .82 lakh ha (one.05 lakh ha) as on date.

Each the govt officials and farmers are of the viewpoint that there is no induce for issue. “There is sufficient time. Sowings don’t transpire uniformly throughout the State,” a farmers’ leader stated.

Andhra Pradesh has targeted to enhance the rabi place to 24 lakh ha from the normal place of 22.90 lakh ha.