December 1, 2023

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OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Franchise Review – (Business Opportunity Review)

OxiFresh is one of a small handful of carpet cleaning franchise business opportunities that many in this economy are looking to for at this time. Carpet cleaning business ownership can not only be rewarding, but also has a better return on investment than most small business start ups are concerned. So is this opportunity the one for you? Here is a simple review.

OxiFresh has been around for some time and does have the advantage of the lowest monthly royalty fees in the industry. Start your carpet cleaning business opportunity with OF will vary n cost from as low as 18K and up to and over 40K, of course this does not add in the cost for advertising, monthly overhead and the purchase of solutions and other necessities required for your business with OF. There are many franchise and non-franchise opportunities to start with an completing your due diligence is a must before investing.

Carpet cleaning business ownership does have any advantages however that many small businesses do not. The fact that it is one of the lowest cost businesses you can own, the return on investment is usually one of the quickest and even in a down economy these businesses seem to flourish. Of course there are the costs that are still high for most individuals, franchise fees and having to purchase solutions and other items from the franchise itself can be the downside, there are still more positives to owning a carpet cleaning business than any other business.

OxiFresh is a good carpet cleaning franchise opportunity with one of the lowest franchise fee plans available, but there is still a fee. Remember that starting a carpet cleaning business franchise opportunity or doing it yourself does come with a learning curve that can be made simple and success found. Before purchasing any franchise opportunity make sure that you can afford the fees themselves, look at your competition in your local area and see what you can offer that they do not and always put forth quality effort and workmanship.