June 9, 2023

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A Non-Designer's Guide to Visual Hierarchy [Best Practices + Examples] - WP  Guy News

The design principles are often termed as a visual hierarchy that pertains to the method of arrangement of varied designs. Visual hierarchy aids developers and designers to disburse each ingredient in a discerning fashion that assists the visual be assimilated properly. People often say that they are not designers so they are not aware of design and visual elements, company reviews disclosed that consistency in the visual hierarchy is mandatory to make catchy and attractive visuals. 

Diversion from visual balance can impact the entire design and then it becomes hard to make changes and correct the wrong pattern. If you do not follow the visible regime then the visual ranking will be disorganized leading to inappropriate design elements.

Things non-designers must consider

The utilization of varied images, shapes, and contrast helps the eyes of the user to absorb the content more simply and experience an organized page. This also makes it simple for the user to explore significant elements such as the call to action button. Bigger elements occupy more visual size and significance. though the tiny objects become trivial and less relevant. 

Non-designers must consider the value of contrast and colors consumed and it is as important as the scale and size of the elements. This helps in drawing the more relevant items and dictates which relevant information must be on the page. If something is urgent or important then the consumption of red, orange, and yellow colors can help attract attention. Mostly these colors are used for images, headers, important links, or some buttons. The other utilized colors must be in contrast with major colors. You can learn online how and which colors go well in contrast.

Appearance and style

The notion of appearance and style ranking is to develop categories of significance within your content by using colors, sizes, and the weight of fonts. The most simplistic illustration of font scale is great outmoded bolding. The purpose of transforming words into bold text in typing is to make them prominent or emphasize something. 

Moreover, the same reason applies to the enhancement of font weight and font size. Leading lines should not be overlooked because it is an effective strategy that is used to draw background patterns and help users in moving on the page. Proximity, spacing, alignment, repetition, rule of odds, perspective, and rule of thirds are some other principles that hold value in the visual hierarchy.

Element of space

The fundamental visual principles also include the practice of right spacing. According to this principle, an alluring scheme wants its reasonable dose of clutter-free denying space, frequently cited as “white space,” unmindful of the scheme’s original backdrop color. When ordering the ingredients of a combination, planners can utilize the space encompassing the content to entice attention to demanding factors.


Visual hierarchy is an important area that includes careful planning regarding the size, text color, images, and other important principles which combine to make an outstanding visual illustration. It is mandatory to keep all these factors organized to give the user a nice experience.