May 27, 2024

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Low-Interest Debt Consolidation

A low-interest debt consolidation loan is a loan that assists a debtor to reduce his or her loan payments by lumping them all together and payable in one monthly installment. Though the payments may go on for a more extended period, they will be more affordable regarding your income versus your outcome. If you have poor credit ratings, you may feel that finding a debt consolidation loan is a no-win situation for you. That is not necessarily so.

Some Increase Unavoidable

Indeed, your debt consolidation scheme might cause the amount you owe to go up a few hundred dollars. This is for all the administration, arrangement, and cancellation charges that will accrue. And, because of those and your reduced payments, the term of the loan will more than likely be longer.


At any rate, it is far preferable to begin fresh, knowing that your payments are affordable rather than to fear that day when you might not be able to meet your financial obligations. Making just one payment is far more comfortable than making many and should become worse; it is easier to renegotiate a pacific national funding personal or debt consolidation loans than it is to deal with multiple loans.

Collateral Is a Consideration

Should you seek a loan with better rates and terms, such as lower interest rates, you may be asked to present collateral of real value, such as property. This may require you to use your house as security. Of course, should you default on the debt, the lender would be obliged to secure the property, and you would be faced with the prospect of homelessness. Many would not want to risk this, so if you have other high-quality property or possessions that you feel better about risking, you should offer that.

Shopping Around Is Necessary

Of course, you are going to have to pay interest as well as the principle in each payment. So you should shop around for the best interest rates and the most favorable repayment terms. Avoid those lenders who talk too loudly, too quickly, and ask too many questions too suddenly. Have a good understanding of what is available on the market so that you do not get drawn in by the first huckster that comes along.

Interest Rates Will Be Higher

During your negotiations, you will discover that interest rates tend to be somewhat higher than regular loans. Taking a debt consolidation loan, especially if you have poor credit, is somewhat of a risk to the lender, and they charge a higher interest rate to cover that risk. You have a poor credit history and are seeking a debt consolidation loan, and both are indicators of reduced risk. Lenders are readily available online, but you may want to start with looking for a pre approval code at the outset.

Non-Traditional Lenders

If none of your local lenders are willing to give you a debt consolidation loan, ask for suggestions from friends or family members who you can trust. Barring that, avail yourself of the resources available with your Better Business Bureau. They have directories of companies willing to lend them money for debt consolidation, and these directories also rate the various companies as to how they have performed for others in the past. Be persistent. A debt consolidation loan can give you peace of mind while allowing you an opportunity to improve your credit rating.