June 6, 2023

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Design employees are not the only types who require to be lifted higher on a usual operating working day. Quite a few employees in other industries, together with the distribution, electrical transmission, and the food items and beverage sectors, have to have to operate at top and should have the utmost protection though completing their tasks.

The food and beverage sector, in certain, can be overwhelming and hugely demanding. Not only does the market feel to function on skinny gain margins, but it is also continuously faced with wellbeing and basic safety challenges.

Within a meals and beverage factory, plant engineers will, at a place, need to have to work at various heights to execute some duties. They may possibly also need to have to entry really hard-to-reach spots, in all probability owing to the presence of spanning pipes or conveyors. But 1 matter stays frequent when completing any career at peak: we all want risk-free, durable, maneuverable, functional, and trustworthy devices that will support easy accessibility and hold the staff harmless whilst acquiring the job finished on time.

Scaffolding has prolonged been a common option for accessing heights, i.e., performing off the ground for extended intervals. With about 70% of the accessibility market industry dominated by scaffolding, it is clear why most folks decide for scaffolds to attain bigger concentrations. Nonetheless, although scaffolding can give variable functioning heights and much larger elevated platforms, they may not be the ideal or most practical selection, as it continues to lag in a single principal expensive region: Basic safety.

Occupational basic safety and wellness are getting an raising focus for the food items and beverage production sector. In accordance to 2014 facts from Liberty Mutual’s 2017 Place of work Basic safety Index, place of work falls, both of those to the exact same amount and a amount beneath, led to a blended $16.12 billion in direct prices to businesses. In addition, these injuries rank proper at the rear of overexertion, the number 1 induce of place of work injuries.

These falls from peak keep on being the foremost trigger of fatal accidents at the place of work, with musculoskeletal problems (MSDs) of certain issue. Statistics by the Wellness and Safety Government [HSE] shows that in 2013/14 and 2014/15, the meals and beverage sector was dependable for 28% and 26% respectively of the overall variety of RIDDOR reviews (Reporting of Injuries, Ailments, and Unsafe Occurrences Regulation) manufactured across all types of producing. Around 13% of all food and beverage sectors are attributable to MSDs. General, the food stuff and beverage sector stories an higher than-average quantity of workplace injuries, using wellbeing and basic safety figures.

One particular could speculate that a slide from a scaffold or a ladder is not a issue of if “it will happen”, but when it will take place. On the other hand, like a lot of workplace injuries, it’s doable to reduce most falls with the proper tools in put. In addition, erecting a scaffold usually takes time and desires to be set together professionally by the scaffold contractor. It would from time to time want to be moved all over, and the contractor would have to come again and have an affect on the adjust. From time to time it can get them days or even months to be out there to take a look at a plant, so response times are commonly inadequate. Relying on the production degree and the accessible house, there may well also not be adequate place to set up the scaffolding.

Much more importantly, choosing a scaffold rig can be a greater outlay than essential and may possibly quickly come to be a sizeable annual cost. Sad to say, most contractors are likely to go for what they know (ladder and scaffolding) fairly than hunting for workable choices that would much better serve them and the organization.

With that said, are there options to scaffolding that will allow plant engineers and other workers to operate at peak with out compromising on protection?  The LOBO Program is lightweight and compact, but most drastically, boosts protection by leaps and bounds. So, what is keeping back again some food and beverage business businesses from utilizing a safer alternative to scaffolding, this kind of as LOBO systems? It is “AWARENESS”


This write-up will look into LOBO programs as an superb different to scaffolding, the benefits they provide, and how they can aid make certain regulatory compliance and enhance revenue margins in the food and beverage business. So, let us get began.

Why Picking out Lobo System

1.       Safety operating at peak

One of the most significant factors of doing work at top is safety. Plant engineers can be elevated to precarious heights for far more prolonged durations, increasing their publicity to dangers and the odds of slipping. Hence, the selection and use of entry tools participate in a massive position in reducing the dangers related with falls from height.

A scaffold that is much too tall is a lot more most likely to be set up improperly and lead to a drop. On the other hand, the LOBO Technique is amongst the most secure and efficient means to perform at top, even in complicated-to-attain areas. The functioning system addresses these potential pitfalls by enabling plant engineers to operate as higher as 20 feet, which is enough peak for reaching almost any occupation.

LOBO Techniques aims to deliver a performing platform that can make a difference to the foodstuff and beverage industry’s personal injury and fatality figures. They have passed the strictest safety legislation criteria, acquired countless businesses’ belief, and can enable the food items and beverage sector make protection a precedence.

The platform will provide you with peace of thoughts being aware of that you and your personnel are guarded, no issue how high they go and regardless of the weather conditions problems. In addition, it will allow plant engineers to do the job in a regular, normal human body posture at peak – this can aid your workforce from a wellbeing point of view in conditions of on the lookout following their posture and obtaining the position carried out without having worrying about unnecessary hazards.

2.     Timesaving

Time is money. Scaffolding can consider days or weeks to be established up and dismantled. In addition, it can be broad and sophisticated, that means you will have to squander lots of time on erecting and dismantling – which can cause frustration or slow down even at the commence of the task. However, the LOBO Program usually takes just a relatively brief quantity of time to be established up and all set for use, thus lowering the time it requires for most work to be concluded and with less staff when in contrast with scaffolding.

3.      Price-saving than classic scaffolding

The price tag-performance of your access resource is 1 detail to acquire into consideration. Scaffolding can be an unwanted price for most firms. It is down to the expenditures of location up the platform, leaving it up in area or dismantling it briefly, not to point out the human resources that variable in. It suggests the expenditures will keep on to increase even when no work is currently being carried out. The LOBO Technique will support you conserve on labour and materials associated with scaffolding or outsourced companies as a price-effective alternative to scaffolding.

4.      Place-preserving

Speak of place management, the LOBO Method will take fewer space than the normal scaffolding structure. The visible impression on the atmosphere is noticeably diminished mainly because a lot less products is necessary. And as soon as erected, this great get the job done platform is safer to use in large site visitors places without having resulting in any unwanted obstructions to pedestrians, firms, or vehicles.

5.      Preventative maintenance

The foodstuff and beverage sector is less than force to make certain a protected and healthy doing work natural environment, increase its processing effectiveness, and comply with the needs of buyers who demand far more diversified products. As a consequence, the the vast majority of gear they use, together with the complicated ones – ranging from the higher-velocity conveyors to ovens, coolers, bottling equipment, and finish-of-line packers requires continual routine maintenance. Most of these services run two or 3 unique products for every line per day. The maintenance system may include, among the other procedures, frequently entry to equipment to help in the flow of products and solutions, a speedy cleaning between every production operate, substitute of components, acquiring unstuck equipment, getting rid of discharges, conducting checks, measurements, repairs, do the job adjustment, inspections, and detection of faults.

What’s more, as the factories often can’t find the money for to stop their production for extensive periods, the maintenance staff could have to work each individual weekend or at night time, which can be a huge problem for the routine maintenance team. Likewise, every time the manufacturing unit adds yet another piece of machines on a production line, which is an additional probable supply for downtime. And the extra machines are made use of in the food generation and packaging method, the far more a range of failed mechanisms and chance variables to be tackled – and plant preventative maintenance methods turn into exponential. Most importantly, the routine maintenance of these machineries can pose various threats to the safety of the employees included in the method. Their protection risk raises when it is important to work closely with the tools and access tough-to-access areas.

The LOBO Technique, nevertheless, supply you with a rapid take care of. This choice function platform to scaffolding is versatile, light-weight, and maneuverable. It can be assembled rapidly and properly all over or over equipment or tough-to-access places, enabling prompt maintenance and servicing obtain. Whether it is inspections or repairs, this operate system will enable plant engineers and other maintenance employees to securely entry parts the two in front and previously mentioned them, avoiding them from slipping when striving to reach selected heights. As a consequence, they can execute their operate concurrently with manufacturing ongoing (in which needed) with out introducing contaminations (like microbes, flakes of rust, random debris, and paint) into the manufacturing line. Far more so, the plant engineers wsick no longer have to forfeit their basic safety to get the occupation done instantly.

6.      Simple to Set Up and Use

Scaffolds need to be established up appropriately to offer a secure framework and reduce collapse beneath the excess weight of plant engineers, instruments, and components. Nevertheless, it may leave tiny place for assembly faults. In addition, hauling elements and applications up and down scaffolds is a harmful and difficult chore that can increase user exhaustion and guide to far more slips and falls.

Regular ladders could be unsuitable for the job and scaffolding would take also extensive to set up, so the LOBO System remains the ideal plug. This is simply because they are beautifully straightforward to set up and maneuver, supplying plant engineers even extra versatility to finish their employment without staying restricted. Also, the LOBO technique makes it easy to have weighty tools and even equipment the place required, and specialist components can also be taken right to wherever they are wanted with simplicity.

7.      Uncomplicated Transportation

LOBO devices enable plant engineers to transportation applications and uncooked components while at any top very easily. This is really beneficial for a smaller sized group with only just one or two plant engineers functioning in the manufacturing facility.

8.      Less Means Essential

The LOBO Program can be set up by a person particular person rapidly and quickly. This is possible owing to the module character building and the patented LOBAND clamp that makes it possible for you to match spherical tube to spherical tube and spherical tube to square tube possibly facet by side or at appropriate angles, devoid of the require for any equipment.

9.      Highly Multipurpose

A lot of operations desire increased steadiness or a bigger operating surface area than the regular ladder but are not ideal for more scaffolding fixtures. LOBO devices strike a beneficial center ground with flexible configurations that make it possible for for personalized options for these sorts of work.

They present a lightweight stronghold – a versatile, speedy erect anchor factors and barrier program designed to decreased the have to have for pricey access products. You can assemble the operate system into any configuration, shape, or dimensions in a make a difference of minutes to provide a robust personalized working surface area tailored for really hard-to-reach areas. A considerable benefit of this option to scaffolding is their skill to function on uneven ground. They can be speedily erected above stairs or split-amount flooring.

10.      Quick and Easy to Assemble

LOBO can be assembled by nearly anybody in a quick time period, that means even the largest towers that go over and above 35 ft can be assembled without fabrication by a solitary operator in just a make any difference of hrs. The fewer time plant engineers have to assemble and climb up although carrying resources/supplies and navigating about scaffolding, the much more electrical power and time centered on obtaining the real venture done.

No tools or devices are needed but incorporate a detailed set of guidelines about placing up the perform platform to guide staff by means of the assembly process. This minimizes the effort and time required to put them together devoid of compromising on basic safety.

11.  Bridging tough regions

Inspection and routine maintenance of crops in a foodstuff and beverage field can be a relatively hazardous activity unless ways are taken to safeguard personnel at the factory.

More and extra crops are necessary to be monitored, inspected, and preserved for the reason that they can deteriorate quickly and radically following regular use. Useless to say, it can be demanding to access many restricted parts, primarily these that are substantial earlier mentioned the vegetation.

Basic safety is 1 of the major issues for plant engineers and their workforce conducting upkeep functions. While bridging can be an effective technique very best employed to assess really hard-to-attain regions, all these upkeep functions also appear with possibility.

Scaffolding and Aluminium frame units can be inflexible, cumbersome, and not regulate to suit into uncomfortable parts. In addition, the more substantial the footprint of the scaffold, the a lot more important the trip hazard.

The LOBO Method can support you bridge individuals problematic regions up to 3.6m and to a top of 10m. It is created from long lasting elements that are remarkably maneuverable and can competently bridge challenging and challenging-to-get to places wherever scaffolding may be extremely hard.

12.  Shorter Guide Occasions & Long Everyday living of Assistance

Because of to its significant-tech producing procedure and standardized components, LOBO units can supply protection techniques to you quicker than ever prior to, so you can set it up and operating a lot quicker – to get the career done. In addition, it is expandable, that means it can be altered to fit any project by incorporating additional normal parts. Precision created out of steel, LOBO devices are resilient and prolonged-long lasting, which indicates fewer routine maintenance fees around time.

13.  Steadiness

It is significant that the functioning system is steady to enable staff to stand on them safely. LOBO devices give plant engineers with a steady platform to stand on when performing their works and railings to safeguard them from slipping.

Last believed

You can stay clear of many fatalities and injuries in the manufacturing unit with an innovative framework that puts protection initially, especially when functioning at heights. And that is why you need to be assured that your preference of platform is responsible and safe.

Built for energy and effectiveness, LOBO devices purpose to instantaneously improve operational general performance and safety while decreasing fees by doing away with the will need to use ladders or scaffolding when functioning at height. This superb doing the job platform is multipurpose and can increase effectiveness. In addition, it is expense conserving and remains a secure option to scaffolds.

What tends to make the platform unique is the patented clamp that makes it possible for the program to be assembled on-website devoid of any resources. It is developed from pre-engineered parts and can be assembled securely and quickly close to or above equipment or limited obtain spots by your in‐house servicing crew once they have been properly trained. This minimizes the trouble and the expenditures of outsourcing scaffolding labour without compromising basic safety.

LOBO Systems have now manufactured it much easier to access these spots beforehand considered challenging to attain for servicing and cleaning needs. In addition, it is readily available 24/7 to place you in handle of what and when you routine your maintenance tasks.

Functioning with LOBO techniques may seem to be costly compared to other alternatives in the market, but they are worthy of the benefit and the suitable option pertaining to accessing any top. With so several alternatives offered, you can be confident to come across a thing that works for you.

Really feel no cost to chat to LOBO Methods to see how these choices to scaffolding can function for you. We are much more than content to assist. You can contact us on (range) or e-mail (e-mail) to guide our products and services or find out more.