April 16, 2024

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Kharif sowing up 88{744e41c82c0a3fcc278dda80181a967fddc35ccb056a7a316bb3300c6fc50654} at 433 lakh ha

With just about 3-fourth of full districts in the nation receiving excessive to usual rainfall so much, the location below kharif crops amplified by 88 for each cent more than to 433 lakh hectares (lh) until Friday as against 230 lh in the corresponding 7 days very last year, in accordance to kharif sowing info produced by the Agriculture Ministry here.

Oilseeds and pulses, which are predominantly rain-fed crops, recorded best raise as in contrast to the same period of time very last year.

With Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra planting soyabean more than forty two.2 lh and 29 lh as in contrast to eight.5 lh and 1 lh, respectively, throughout the corresponding period of time the full location below soyabean cultivation zoomed 225 for each cent to 109 lh. Equally, Gujarat — which planted groundnut more than sixteen.3 lh as against 10 lh — accounted for most of the raise in groundnut planting, which went up by sixty for each cent to twenty five lh.

The location below pulses crops, way too, registered a whopping 289 for each cent raise to practically 37 lh as in contrast to the same period of time very last year. There was a 5-fold raise in location below arhar crop which went up to sixteen.5 lh from 2.eight lh in the corresponding period of time very last year.

The location below urad and moong, on the other hand, amplified by 369 for each cent and 200 for each cent to eight.eight lh and 9.four lh, respectively. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh documented greatest raise in pulses sowing so much.

Cotton, coarse cereals

There is also a one hundred for each cent bounce in cotton planting to ninety one.seven lh with Maharashtra and Telangana planting cotton more than 33 lh (four.6 lh) and 15 lh (seven.9 lh), respectively.

Just about 96 for each cent raise in maize sowing to forty five.6 lh pulled up the location below coarse cereals to 70.seven lh, which was one hundred and one for each cent extra than 35.2 lh planted in the same 7 days very last year. Other big coarse cereal crops these as bajra and jowar, way too, registered extra than one hundred for each cent raise as in contrast to the previous year.

Sluggish start out in rice

Rice planting, way too, is picking up momentum, albeit slowly and gradually. So much farmers have planted paddy more than sixty eight lh (forty nine.2 lh). Much of the raise in rice planting is documented from Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.