September 25, 2023

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How to Select the Best Linux Dedicated Server?

Linux Dedicated Server Tips For Selecting The Best Service Provider

When hosting your website or application, a Linux Dedicated Server comes with the utmost performance, security and control. 

So when you buy Dedicated Servers from the best hosting provider in India, you will get exclusive access to all the server resources and the power to customise your server environment according to your website needs.

Let’s explore what a Linux Dedicated Server is and the key factors you look for while selecting this.

What is Linux Dedicated Server?

A  Linux Dedicated Server is a web hosting solution in which you will get your isolated physical server with your required dedicated resources. Linux Dedicated Hosting Server runs the Linux operating system, which provides complete control, customisation and security to the user. 

This type of hosting is ideal for websites and applications with high traffic, requiring high control and customisation and managing resource-intensive tasks.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Linux Dedicated Server

  1. Server Management and Control Panel

The best Linux Dedicated Server must have value in the server management options and control panel choices. 

Use a friendly control panel like cPanel or Plesk to simplify server management tasks and improve productivity. It also provides a graphical interface to manage server configuration, monitor Server performance and install software easily.

  1. Performance and Hardware Specification

When choosing the Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, one must evaluate its CPU power, storage options (HDD or SSD), RAM capacity, and network connectivity offered by the dedicated hosting provider. 

As it is essential to match the specification according to your business’s anticipated workload and resources required to get the utmost level of performance.

  1. Operating System and Linux Distribution

Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora are well-known Linux distributions. So when selecting a Linux Dedicated Server, check the compatibility and support offered by these different Linux distributions, as each distribution has its strength and is suitable for specific use.

  1. Network And Data Centre Infrastructure

Network infrastructure and data centre play an important role in the reliability and performance of your Linux Dedicated Server. 

Thus, look for a hosting provider which offers the network multiple redundant connections and gives a higher uptime. Additionally, look for the geographical location of the data centre to reduce latency and increase response time.

  1. Security Measures and DDoS Protection

Security is an important factor to consider while buying any hosting services. So when you look for Linux Dedicated Server, check the security measures implemented by the hosting provider, such as firewalls, regular security update mechanisms, and more

Additionally, look for DDoS protection, which is essential to safeguard your server against distributed growing threat denial-of-service attacks. 

According to AARNet Operations Centre observation, DDoS incidents for the first three months of 2023 increased by 300%  compared to the same quarter of 2022.

  1. Customer Support And Service Level Agreement

Reliable Customer and Technical Support are essential while managing the Linux Dedicated Server. So look for hosting providers which give you 24/7 support to multiple channels. 

Also, review the service level agreement (SLA) to understand the providers’ commitments regarding response time, uptime, and resolving an issue. It will ensure a dedicated team of Experts to assist you when required.


Selecting the best Linux Dedicated Server in India requires research and careful evaluation of multiple factors. Also, your business needs to get the right specifications and components. 

After considering all these factors, you can easily select the best-dedicated server according to your requirements.