June 5, 2023

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HIMSSCast: Why a Google vet started a next-gen health insurer

Clover Wellbeing desires to enhance physicians’ performance by supplying them accessibility to reducing-edge AI engineering. But the company selected to enter the market place, not as a engineering vendor, but as an insurance company, disrupting regular payment buildings and care-navigation engineering in just one fell swoop.

On today’s HIMSSCast, Clover Health’s Andrew Toy joins host Jonah Comstock to converse about his tale and his possess specific choose on fixing the health care value disaster in The usa.

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Chatting details:

  • What Clover does and how it’s distinct from other payers and other startups.
  • Clover Assistant, Clover’s service provider-experiencing tech stack, and how it fits into their product.
  • Finding away from the thought of networks.
  • What does value-dependent care mean for Clover?
  • Who holds the risk? And why it need to be the insurers?
  • Why the incentive-alignment argument for value-dependent care is extra intricate than folks assume.
  • Incentivizing physicians by supplying them extra highly effective equipment.
  • How wellbeing techniques need to match into the value-dependent care landscape.
  • Why Clover introduced as a payer, and not a engineering vendor.
  • Why Clover constructed its Assistant outside the house of the EHR.
  • Repairing health care signifies accomplishing so for all people.
  • How can innovation in coverage press by incumbent players?

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