March 3, 2024

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Full Time Ministry Paid Employment – Rewarding Ministry Work With a Paid Salary For Missions Minded

Traveling and ministering throughout the world for over 15 years has taught me a lot about money management. I’ve given of myself physically, emotionally, and greatly financially to fulfill my God given ministry. At the end of the day my wife has questioned God’s ability to provide and compensate me His servant.

Such disillusionment sadly is commonplace for many ministers and their families. The way out of this depth of despair and mental anguish is to do what the apostle Paul did – be a tentmaker (Acts 18:3). In modern day vernacular that means work while ministering. One of the keys to sustaining ministerial success is to creatively find a way to finance your ministry.

I have done numerous things from working at restaurants, nursing homes for the elderly, serving incoming patients at the Emergency Room during the graveyard shift, and teaching English abroad. My experience has been that teaching English overseas has given me the most ability to speak, impart, and impact the people to whom I am called.

Since missions and ministry is a people business, ongoing daily interaction is vital to build relations and influence your target group. That being said, teaching English is a wonderful way to love, lift, and leave people with the eternal message of God’s love.

I was amazed when I stumbled upon Christian schools wanting to hire English teachers and willing to pay them well. Serving as an educator provides a huge open door to impact the hearts and minds of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Spread your wings and trust Jesus as you “launch out into the deep” (Luke 5:4) to go into all the world and bring the good news to a hurting humanity. Jesus ordained every believer to be a disciple and bear much eternal fruit (John 15:16). As you seek first the kingdom of God, you will be financially taken care of and blessed abundantly (see Matthew 6:33; John 10:10).

Fear not. Just embrace the heart of God (John 3:16) for the peoples of the world and be willing to give of yourself. As you do expect continual miraculous personal breakthroughs and countless blessings to flow and come unto you!

Be a full-time minister and compensated with a wonderful salary and free apartment, while performing rewarding ministry work overseas.