March 3, 2024

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Features for SharePoint-based Real Estate Intranet Portal

SharePoint-based real-estate solutions include many things because of the multi-functionality of this amazing online platform for data management and many more including intranet portals.

SharePoint intranet portal has a number of key features that can be used to increase the workability and productivity of real estate companies. Many SharePoint consulting companies offer these solutions according to the need of your company.

Here, we will look at some of the features of SharePoint-based real intranet portals that can help and ease your work.

1. Site for Project 

To use a SharePoint Intranet Portal effectively, have a site for each project. You can have different sites with locations that consist of project contacts, related documents, and tags.

Project Site Page is the number one tool for managing projects and sites across your SharePoint Intranet Portal. You can have different sites that consist of different project contacts, related documents, and tags. There are two options: Either include a map of the location or just use the image as the location.

2. Tags for documents for Real Estate/Property Management

Term Store Management for Real Estate/Property Management You need a Document Management system for a property management business. When setting up a corporate taxonomy for a SharePoint intranet portal, it is very important to balance metadata and folders.

Property management is a real estate-related business. In order to succeed in this field, you need to know how to manage term stores. It is important to create a taxonomy for an intranet portal that will balance between metadata and folders.

An example of setting up metadata is: 

  • Construction 
  • Marketing Operations 
  • Legal Taxes 
  • Finance 
  • Insurance 
  • Contracts 

As an example, under Construction, there can be sub-items such as Forms, TI, Development, Inspections, Safety etc. Add the tag field on your SharePoint lists and libraries to make your SharePoint Search more powerful.

3. Document Sync

Offline/Online Document Sync allows the Property Sales Team to work on multiple files without opening them individually.

Do your employees work on their desktop/laptop and forget to upload it on SharePoint? Then, hit the Sync button and it is accessible through your Windows Explorer. Users can work on their systems and then sync the files directly to SharePoint.

 If your employees use Windows and want to access documents that are on a SharePoint server, click on the Sync option, and they can easily find them in their Windows Explorer. You can work on your system and then sync the files directly to SharePoint.

Also, you can integrate OneDrive into SharePoint. Share your Dropbox folders with the people who need to access them. Instantaneous uploading of your files ensures they are always ready to share.

4. Wiki Sites for Property Management Firms

In a wiki, users can really benefit from an enterprise view of files across the intranet portal with defined user case scenarios. You can use the page manager to create pages, add links and change the URL. You may also wish to use a subdomain for the site and give it its own name.

5. External Document Sharing

To allow outside users to access documents in our organization, we’ll need to go beyond simply configuring permissions to the document library.

Share files and document libraries with external users. If your Amazon account is set to allow it, you can easily share documents and libraries with other people.

You can allow the user to view and edit documents while denying them permission to upload the documents to a shared folder.

6. Search

SharePoint Enterprise Search In order to use SharePoint Enterprise Search properly, you need to configure your SharePoint Term Store.

The enterprise search functionality is available on all SharePoint 2013 site collections, and it’s important to enable the required keywords before your users are allowed to use SharePoint.

7. Customer Portal

You’ve finally done it! You can now set up a customer portal where your customers can access your internal Intranet (restricted only to the customer portal) which includes property details, tax documents, mortgage information etc.

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Final Words:

SharePoint Intranet has a lot to offer when it comes to document management and sharing. The real estate business is all about documents and a lot of them really can take benefit from these amazing features described above.

Al Rafay Consulting is working with an experienced team of developers who are dedicated with a wealth of knowledge and commitment to ensure the better configuration of the setting of the SharePoint intranet to help achieve your goals in the real estate business effectively and easily.

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