March 3, 2024

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Escaping Maya’s Palace – Bookswarm

A website for writer Richard Sclove to act as the focal level for marketing and advertising and publicity of his new reserve Escaping Maya’s Palace:

A celebrated saga from ancient India tells of a youthful king who mysteriously shifts character and gambles away his kingdom. By unraveling this legend’s magic formula indicating, Escaping Maya’s Palace launches a sleuthing expedition into a distortion in psychological and non secular progress that lies buried deep at the root of present day civilization. Today this undetected illness contributes to woes ranging from opioid addiction to social alienation, the increase of authoritarian populism, and environmental disaster.

Educated by lengthy-misplaced wisdom from the Mahabharata, 1 of the excellent epics of planet literature, award-successful writer Richard Sclove points out how our civilization descended into this blighted ailment. Integrating a lacking psychological dimension into social theory and entire world historical past, this intellectually daring and engrossing operate clears a route for remaking modern day politics and economics, social actions, and day-to-day daily life. This book’s profound insights provide renewed hope to a entire world in disaster.