May 19, 2024

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Covid LIVE: Only second dose of Covaxin to be given on Tuesday, says BMC



Corona updates: India has recorded a drop of 37,154 new scenarios taking the total caseload to thirty,874,376, according to MOHFW. The death count elevated to 408,764 with 724 new fatalities, the details showed. 

Kerala noted twelve,220 new bacterial infections, Maharashtra 8,535, adopted by Tamil Nadu (two,775), Karnataka (one,978), Andhra Pradesh (two,665) and Delhi (53).

From the northeastern states, Assam noted one,579 new scenarios and Manipur 911.

The five most impacted states by total scenarios are Maharashtra (61,fifty seven,799), Kerala (3,065,336), Karnataka (two,871,298), Tamil Nadu (two,518,786), and Andhra Pradesh (one,922,843).

Earth coronavirus update: Covid-19 is continuing to spread all over the world, with 187,617,639 confirmed scenarios and 4,048,919 deaths across just about two hundred countries recorded considering the fact that China noted its 1st scenarios in December 2019. The US remains the worst-strike region with 34,732,753 scenarios, adopted by India, Brazil, France and Russia. 

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