September 25, 2023

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Comparing selling on Shopify and other ecommerce platforms vs Amazon

Shopify vs. Amazon: An In-Depth Comparison

You must follow the guidelines when you sell on the Amazon marketplace. You’re not as tied to specifications if you sell on your website or another platform like Shopify. The client experience and checkout procedure are more in your hands. You may take use of the Amazon marketplace without only selling there because several platforms, including Shopify and BigCommerce, support omnichannel retailing. You can Go Now and learn more about how to start selling on Amazon. 

It’s important to keep in mind that whichever method you choose, there will be costs and limitations. Even if you don’t use a platform like Shopify, your payment processor will charge you for hosting and transactions. In accordance with your site server and payment processor, some products will be off-limits. This is why completing some preliminary niche research is so important. For instance, you are unable to sell the following items on your website using PayPal:

  • Products that could endanger consumer safety 
  • Cigarettes
  • Drug-related equipment
  • Anything that urges, supports, makes it easier for, or gives instructions to others to partake in any criminal activity
  • Digital items among the stolen goods

Research Tools and Resources

It’s time to decide what you’re going to sell and where you’re going to get it once you’re familiar with the specifics of how an Amazon store works and how you may sell there. There are many tools available for researching Amazon products, such as Jungle Scout, StartupBros Product Research Workbook, and Unicorn Smasher Product Research Tool, which are all free.

You’ll be more prepared to manage your new Amazon firm if you invest more time in the product research stage. Before you open a new Amazon seller account, it pays to be aware of which products will sell well and which won’t. Additionally, selling fees differ from one product category to the next, which is something to take into account.

There is another reason you shouldn’t rush the procedure in addition to pricing points, goods’ costs, etc. Your long-term success depends on having a strategy in place for how you’ll set yourself apart from the competitors. The more time you invest in thoroughly analyzing the data that is already available, the better off you will be in the long run.

Avoid the Popularity Wave

Product fads come and go, therefore if you choose the things that are most in demand right now, your company model may not be viable in the long run. Even though it may be alluring, you want things that will last. If the products stop selling, it won’t matter what the margins are.

Even if your plan changes slightly as you go, you must have some sort of plan before starting your online store. As you delve further into your investigation, you should additionally keep track of topics like:

  • The name, purpose, goals, and value proposition of your business
  • A study of the market’s competition
  • Financial situation and plans for obtaining the required cash
  • Consider all of your beginning expenses at once when making your calculations.