March 3, 2024

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BiZZdesign: business architecture in 4 steps

Business Architecture - Bizzdesign

Do you feel like your company is lacking in certain aspects? You pull a lot of different strings, but it doesn’t feel like there’s a togetherness in these decisions. This sounds like there’s a problem in your business architecture: the way your company is built from the core. It can be very hard to maintain a good business architecture, as there are a lot of factors playing a part in this. Luckily, by investing in an expert, such as BiZZdesign, your business architecture can be created, maintained, saved or whatever you’re looking for in four simple steps. 

Step 1: Define

Before any big changes can be made, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What is your company and what are the core goals of your company? It might feel weird to answer these questions, especially if you’ve been successful for multiple years already, but by answering you zoom in on the core of what makes you unique. You define your philosophy: an essential step in maintaining your business architecture. 

Step 2: Analyze

Now that BiZZdesign knows what your company is and what it wants, they take a dive into your company. It’s time to see in what ways you’re already doing what needs to be done, but also in what ways you’re doing the exact opposite. A report is being made, showing exactly what channels you use and what it results in. 

Step 3: Plan

A logical step from step 2 is continuing that what fit and disregarding that what doesn’t, which is exactly what happens in step 3. Although, it’s not just this – BiZZdesign goes further, as they make sure your successful channels are expanded and now used on every component of your company. Your business architecture is coming more together, with you’ll soon notice, as people will be more on one line. 

Step 4: Realize

Plans have been made – time to realize these! It might take some time, but once every component of your business architecture works the same way, you’ll soon find that togetherness that you were seeking for in your company!


Does this way of working sound good to you and does business architecture sound like something that your company can benefit from? Take a look at the website of BiZZdesign and get started immediately!